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    Dashboard in Dashboard

    Kelvin Nguyen

      Hi everyone,


      I've recent explored a way to have Tabbed Dashboard. Basically, I'll need to have a dashboard (in a workbook) with and URL object in my dashboard. In that URL object, I'll have a link to another workbook and by modifying the link, I can get rid of the header and the URL object will start from where the tabs of the second workbook are.

      I learn about this from this video on Youtube.


      How to Make Tabbed Dashboards in Tableau - YouTube


      My dashboard is having 2 parts.


      • The first part is some general charts with filter
      • The second part is the URL object with tabbed workbook in it.


      Some charts
      URL Object with a Tabbed workbook inside


      Here's the issue: when I change the filter, it won't affect the Tabbed workbook embedded in the URL object (apparently because they belong to 2 different workbooks).


      Have you guys ever done something similar? or does anyone have a similar solution?


      Thanks guys!