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    Excel file as a source of Tableau report?

    Lydia Schanz

      Hi all,


      I have a more general question about the use of Tableau. My manager asked me to build a report in Tableau. However, after contacting our tech team, the information I need is not in our Datawarehouse but in another tool that I can't  connect Tableau with. The only option would be to extract the data in a csv file and use it as my datasource for the report.


      This would require to manually export and copy paste the data every week into the csv file, which is quite a manual task.


      The tech team confirmed that the info I need will be in the DWH at some point, and that they would not recommend building the report on an Excel file. However, the request to build this report is quite urgent.


      So here my question: Do you think it makes sense to build the report using the data export in a csv file? As soon as the information is available in the DWH, can I just switch datasources and use a custom SQL query instead?

      What should I do / comunicate to my manager in your opinion?


      Thanks in advance!