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    Avoid scrollbar in a heatmap when view is set to standard

    John Salazar

      Is there a way to automatically resize a heatmap if the height is too long for the screen?  In other words, when a view is set to "standard" is it possible to dynamically set it to "fit height" whenever it it too large for the view?  The reason why I want to keep the original sizing to standard is to avoid spaces between rows in the heatmap.  I could set the view to "fit height" to solve this problem, but then this causes large whitespaces in between rows, which I also want to avoid.


      I have an example dashboard attached using the world indicators sample data.  In Sheet 12, if you filter to region, the heatmap is fine, but when the filter is set to (All) the scrollbar shows up (although, if your screen is somehow large enough you might not see it).