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    LoD Calculation Assistance

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy all!


      Before I get too far I want to say that the number I am returning is *correct* for my purposes. However the formatting is really where the issues with the calculation occur.


      I see the number repeating for every region, but I'd like the number to appear once and treat as the representation for the entire bar.

      My example workbook is attached. The picture and calculation used is below:



      { FIXED YEAR([Order Date]),MONTH([Order Date]) :


      IF [Region] = 'East' OR [Region] = 'South' OR [Region] = 'West'

      THEN [Sales]

      ELSE 0


      )/COUNTD([Order ID])



      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Hello Jonathan,


          Your calculation logic is,


          Sum of non-central Regions Sales / Unique count of all Orders of all Regions


          per year per month.


          The result is similar to average sales, not a percentage.


          Could you describe the reason why percentage format is required for it?





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            Gheorghie Lang

            Hi jonathan



            Here I've limited the marks by selected, just click them (holding shift for multiple). Is that what you want? If it is, just mark this as the answer!


            Kind Regards


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              Jonathan Hodge

              In the real-world example it is a percentage so I just mimicked the formatting.


              Otherwise the calculation is almost exactly my real-world example but I can't get the number to appear once per entire bar


              Also Gheorgie, I saw the option to make the label only appear with a selection but the users are expecting to see the number as soon as the visual appears, as that is how the other visuals on the dashboard present themselves.


              Thanks for the thought though!

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                Gheorghie Lang

                Sorry Jonathan, you need to do essentially the same thing but right click on the sections and select always show


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                  Jonathan Hodge

                  Oooohhh, I never noticed the "always show". Yes, this is *very* close to what I want then. I will ask one more thing but otherwise this is essentially correct.


                  The other dashboards have the label on the bottom of the vertical. However with the calculation I use this is not possible? Tableau gets angry and won't move the numbers to the bottom.



                  I implemented the "always show selected" strategy but lastly would there be a clue on how to make this appear on the bottom?