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    Network graphs: combine several edges into one

    Cederic Rohrbach

      Hi everyone


      I'm relatively new to tableau and need to draw a network graph. I found several tutorials on google and also managed to crate a graph. I used this tutorial: Build Network Graphs in Tableau - Clearly and Simply

      But now I'm stuck with the following problem:




      This is some dummy data of my use case. Line and Circle are for coordinates, doesn't matter here.

      As you can see, I have two flows from A to B. The object "Y" flows from A to B and also the Object "Z".


      If I make a graph out of this, Tableau plots the two lines on top of each other. As a result, with the mouse over, I only get displayed details from one of the two connections.

      What I would like to have is one single line which shows me the following details:

      Relationship: A->B

      Obejects: Y, Z


      I also considered to change the data set to the following structure:


      The problem here is, that I want to filter or highlight explicit objects. For example I want to show only the flow of the object "Y" through my network. I don't know how to filter then because now it is not clear anymore in which of the object columns the object in question is.


      I hope my description is understandable.


      Thanks for any ideas!