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    How to make line graph from quarterly data columns?

    Alex Barnes

      I'm fairly new to Tableau, and this feels like an incredibly stupid question to be asking, so I apologize in advance. I've tried Googling but it's hard to figure out how to describe this without an example.


      I'm trying to use something like the workbook attached to create a few line graphs. I ultimately want to create one line graph with the Total series for all of the Sites, one line graph with the Recent series for all of the Sites, one for Concurrent, one for Special, and one for Other. I want to be able to toggle off each of the sites, but I know how to do that part at least.


      I can't figure out how to get Tableau to recognize that each of the quarterly columns contains the value for that quarter. How do I force Tableau to recognize that the data in FY17 Q1 is before FY17 Q2, which is before the data in FY17 Q3, etc... for each series? Do I have to change the format of this table, or am I just doing something wrong with the existing format?


      Thank you in advance!