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    Extra point when sorting trend lines (Sorting Top N trends lines)

    Janice Ip

      This is a follow up question to my previous question on sort

      How to sort top N with Filter Formula base on a different variable.

      So now i what to sort my trends line and allow the filter to show the top N trends

      For this graph I don't have to rank them within the months. I just to rank and sort them so I only see the trend of the top N.

      As you see in the picture. I've filtered Rank to show just the top 2 trends but for some reason an extra point shows up. (The pink dot near April)

      The problem get worst when the range gets larger


      I need to show the same number of trend line as the range selected. No extra dots

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          Joe Oppelt

          Whatever you have on the colors shelf is causing the pink dot. 


          Well, not exactly.  There is another value in whatever is on the color shelf.  You're getting the pink dot for that 3rd value.


          If you don't have that dimension in tooltips add it.  Then see what value is causing pink.  (Or just display the legend and see what Tableau is assigning to pink.)  Often that is enough to trigger your understanding of what's causing it.