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    General questions about tableau (desktop and online)

    Hanane Ouhammouch



      I have some questions:


      About tableau online.:


      is there any option  to update the dashboard  at each opening?


      what is the meaning of the button actualize ?


      Does the updated button include a reconnection to the base?


      is there any option to add a button that refreshes the data




      About Tableau:


      is it  possible to have the same connection shared between several data sources?


      Thank you in advance for your help



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          Michael Gillespie

          Good questions, Hanane.  Let's see if we can get you some clearer answers.



          1) The best way with Tableau Online is to set up a subscription to the Workbook that will e-mail someone at a specific time each day.  That forces Tableau to refresh the workbook's data from the underlying extract.

          (The answer to this question is different if you have Tableau SERVER rather than Online.  There is a setting in SERVER that allows you to pre-populate the data cache for a workbook.  That functionality is not exposed in Online, and I do not know if it is enabled by default or not.  It is a Server-level setting, so it would apply to the entire Tableau Online infrastructure and could not be configured on a site by site basis.)


          2) Actualiser = Refraîchir (Refresh in English).  This tells the WORKBOOK to go back to the data source and update the data based on the current state of the data source.  It does NOT refresh the underlying data source (an Extract Refresh).


          3) Not completely sure what you mean (en Français si vous préferez) but I think you mean "Does the 'actualiser' button cause Tableau Online to refresh the extract?".  No, it does not (see response 2).


          4) You can't refresh the underlying data source from a worksheet in the workbook.  The only way to refresh the data is to select the Data Source itself and force a refresh.


          All of the above assumes you're using an Extract.  Things are a little different with a LIVE connection to data, but the principles are the same.



          Each Tableau Data Source is an independent entity within Tableau.  So, even if you have 2 data sources that connect to the same underlying data in the exactly the same way, the connection information itself is specific to the individual Data Source.  You can't share connection information between Data Sources.

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            Hanane Ouhammouch

            Bonjour Michael;



            Merci beaucoup pour ton aide habituel:



            pour  la question  1  devrait -je créé une souscription qui envoie un mail toutes les heures?


            Pour la question  3  je me demande si le faite de cliquer sur actualiser  veut dire concrètement une reconnexion à la base puis  un rafraîchissement des données  .




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              Michael Gillespie

              1) Si les données changent toutes les heures, oui.  (That is a terrible answer, I know, but in Online we are limited in how we can control this.)

              3) Bien, je comprends mieux maintenant!  En anglais:


              When you are on a view/on a worksheet/on a dashboard in Tableau Online, and you click on the "Refresh/Actualiser" button, this is what happens.

              The workbook pulls the most recent data available from the published Data Source, or in other words, the workbook clears its data cache and reloads it from the published Data Source.

              It does NOT cause the published Data Source to refresh ITS data from the root data source (SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, etc.).  You can only do that by interacting directly with the published Data Source.


              C'est plus compréhensible?

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                Hanane Ouhammouch

                1) for the refresh my data change every second .


                2) yes this means that it does not perform a reconnection, only a query execution



                what i don't undertand is comparing to tableau desktop , tableau online take more time in refressing


                that's way i tod tableau online do a reconnection to the  database


                thank you for your help




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                  Michael Gillespie

                  Ouf!  That's a lot of change...


                  C'est une question d'architecture, au fond.  Qu'est-ce que vous utilisez pour passer les données à Tableau Online?


                  Mon français technical n'est pas superb, mais je pourrais toujours discuter tout ça en anglais si cela vous interesse.


                  My e-mail address is in my profile...