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    How to find the percentile of an aggregate in tableau and plot the values for a lift curve?

    navneet singh

      I have three issues in tableau that I am trying to solve in order to complete an assignment for my company. I cannot attach the actual data but i am attaching a dummy worksheet on similar lines.

      Problem: 1 sheet 1. I have to plot % cumulative bads versus %cumulative goods. Here i define bads as having profit less than average profit. the example is in sheet 1 of the workbook. First i assign goods or bads based on the profit levels for each order id and then i do a running sum to get the cumulative bads and goods and try to plot them but i get a single point instad of a line plot because the functions are aggregate. Now i know that i cannot use fixed because my calculations of cumulatives will change when i use filters on actual data.

      Problem: 2 sheet 2. Plotting cumulative population versus cumulative bads. The question is quite same as the previous one.

      Problem: 3 sheet 3. In this one i have to calculate the lift for the cumulative bads curve i.e the value of the cumulative bads based on 5 percentile,10,20,30 50 so on and so forth. for this i have created a calculted field percentile which should categorise the %cum bads based on the filters. I can calculate the percentile cum bads for a population but not for a aggregate such as%cum bads.

      Any help provided by any of you is welcome as i have explored enough options till now but not able to find a solution.

      I am attaching a dummy worksheet as i cannot upload actual data. If anyone is willing enough please share your email we can have a short chat on hangouts.