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    Using Filters with Level of Detail Expressions

    Arthur Casale

      A little new to LOD but I have a scenario that I am totally stumped on. I am using the LOD expression below to group the number of offers sent to a subscriber (Campaign Send Date) by the subscruibers home address (NC AddressID). It works perfectly and builds a simply bar chart of the number of homes that have received 1 offer, 2 offers, 3 offers etc.


      I went head and added a Campaign Send Date Filter external to this expression that allows the user to limit the view of Sends based on the date range they select - a simple date slider, also shown below. Not the column used in the filter - Campaign Send Date - is the same used in the LOD expression.


      Trouble is the LOD expression does not dynamically interact with the Date filter. Regardless of the date range, the results of the LOD are the same - in other words the bar chart shown below stays the same regardless of what the Date filter is set to.


      Is there a way to "wrap" the LOD expression with an "If" construct that will enable it to interact with the Date filter?


      NumberOfCampaigns: {FIXED [NC Address ID] : COUNTD ([Campaign Send Date] ) }



      Date Slider Filter