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    Change line spacing in a min(1) workaround

    Benjamin Schenke



      I need to build a P&L as a table (just like excel). Unlucky me, I guess. The table isn´t the problem, but I need the change the font of several KPI´s, like Revenue, Net Sales etc. To do so I came up with the workaround min(1) to separate each row and change their format independently. But because of this workaround, everything is aligned in the center. I want it on the right side. That's why I used a chart and align the text to the right. But now I have significant line spacings after each chart, because of the format as a table.


      Is there any way to solve this problem and have the KPI´s on the right side with "normal" line space between them?


      I attached the Sample - superstore and rebuild the problem.