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    Line graph to completed week

    Tony Smith

      Hi All


      Can someone please help me with the query below.


      I have a line graph that shows the Current year, Last year and Budget sales figures.  The line showing on the graph is up to the BBCA FISCAL week in year.


      But what I want to see is 52 weeks line for Budget figures and Last year sales figures.  I also want a line for the current year up to the completed week.


      Please see attachment for report.






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          Binod Naik

          Hi Tony,


          Plz see attached wrkbook, 2nd Sheet "Chart 1 (2)".

          - Updated the Calculation for "Current Year Sales", created new Calculated field - "Current Yr Sales", used 'NULL' instead of '0'. Used this Cal Field in Viz instead of "Current Year Sales"

          - Removed "Filter Fiscal Week YTD" from filter shelf


          Now Capturing Sales data for complete 52 Wks. Hope this helps.




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