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    Projection to meet goal

    Isaac Tong



      I track software bugs goal for quality.

      Each team is track weekly with the bug backlog.

      There is a final goal to meet at a future date.

      How can I make a projection if each team will or will not be able to meet their goal?


      For example, I have data for 3 week, and total I have 8 weeks to meet the goal of 0:

      TeamActual # on Week1Actual # of Week2Actual # of Week3 (current week)Week4Week5Week6Week7Final Goal to meet @ Week8


      How do I show based on the current data trend, team A and B will not meet the goal (bonus: based on the current trend, the forecast of meeting the goal is n weeks)

      And Team C based on the current data trend, is going to make the goal with no problem (bonus: based on the current trend, team C will already make the goal in weekN)

      The same for Total goal.


      Thanks in advance.


      _____ Isaac