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    Displaying  dimension list and their respective values in tooltip(in version10.3.11)

    Kary K

      Hello Experts,


      Attached is the .twbx file (version10.3.11). I need to achieve this in version 10.3.11 and not any newer version.


      I have 'Category' column bar chart, stacked using 'Style' column and for this 'Style', various New_View values, total exist.


      I need to select a Merger. In the example: I selected Merger: A . I need Merger, Style, New_View list and the respective total values for the new_view list, total count in the hover, like in the bar chart  below.

      i.e. I want  GHA=1, HIS=1, ZEN=23   -->(Total=25) to be displayed in hover in New_View instead of * in the bar chart below.






      Please let me know if a solution exists for this, in version10.3.11