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    SUM(IF Value < 2000)


      I am looking for a solution to a theoretically extremely simple problem.
      In Numbers, Excel, Python or R it takes me 5 seconds, but in Tableau it seems to be more complicated. I have no idea why.

      A column [distance] with e.g. 10 values between 1000 and 5000. I want to calculate the average of the values between 1000 and 4000. So I ignore all values which are > 4000.

      Then I calculate the sum of all values in the range 1000 to 4000. Then I count the number of values between 1000 and 4000.

      I divide the sum and the number to get the average. Actually the simplest of simplest.


      "IF [distance] < 5000 THEN COUNT([distance]) ELSE 0 END" -> ERROR


      This is so embarrassing and simple - but Tableau cannot, for example, divide a calculated field [sum(distance)] by [count(distance)].

      All known concepts known as statisticians do not work with Tableau - especially if you check the calculations in R or Python.

      Can someone give me a hint from which side to think in order to get results that work?