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    Show / Hide filter based on other filter actions ?

    S Shah

      Hi all,

      I have been struggling from last 2 weeks to make simple thing work. I need to hide one filter ( has values from parameter ), based on the action of another filter ( which is simple quick filter ). I can't do "use only relevant values" so ple don't suggest.


      I have seen few examples using pop out filters including one from Joe Oppelt. I downloaded his worksheet ( Popping and Swapping overlap ) which was created on prior version.

      We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Filter Popping on a dashboard.

      Sheet popping behavior has changed in 10.5 (actually starting with 10.4)


      I have currently 10.5.3 (10500.18.0404.1406)  desktop version.

      His version seems to work just fine on my local machine. I tried exact same set up on my own project and **** it doesn't work. It seems that whichever vertical frame is on top, just stays on ..


      I am not sure what am I missing. I even laid out the objects co-ordinates the exact one in his "Popping and Swapping overlap" demo. I just want to see it work to take it step further. Below is my layout where first two vertical frames are filters to be swapped based on the LOB filter.  Ple forgive me as I can't put the file as of now..




      ple help.. How do I reach out to Joe ?

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          Joe Oppelt

          If you have two objects overlapping and if you are on 10.4 or later, then only the top object will be accessible to your cursor.


          The technique in the 10.4/10.5 example that you linked is how you want to set up your container.  One pop-out sheet with the two filters side-by-side.


          Upload a sample workbook and I can show you how.

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            S Shah


            I have attached workbook here... For obvious reasons, I have it reduced to few fields (renamed).


            As you can see when "ShtSel" switches the sheets in lower middle vertical frame. But the filters in top corner don't swap.

            I saw your example and couple of other example where it seems the  X/Y co-ordinates are made -ve and then switching the filters kind of bring them in view. Somehow, on your workbook, I could not replicate the exact same behavior however your original file opened in 10.5 worked just fine.


            One of the two things I see that could solve it..

            1. Change the order of "Float" window to bring it on the front ( whether filters are in container or not )

            2. Control the  X/Y co-ordinates to bring the filter/field in and out of view/scope.



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              Joe Oppelt

              I thought I did this reply yesterday, but I can't find it.


              In the attached I removed the whole container for Sheet4Cover, and just added the Region filter to the Sheet5Cover container.  (See Dashboard 1).  I added a thin container to look like a black line so that you can see the popping activity and how it leaves one or the other filter in the same position in the container.  Swap sheets and see how the filter container works.  I had to make Sheet5Cover a little "taller" so that it is the same size as a filter object.  That way when it disappears, the filters move up the same height as one filter's height.

              Go to Dashboard 2.  I added two blank objects.  I colored them white so that they are opaque and the same color as the dashboard background.  That way the user doesn't see anything.  One hides the top portion of the filter container, and the other hides the bottom.  That leaves a viewing area where only one filter at a time will be displayed.  (I removed the black line.)


              Go to Dashboard 3.


              Here I moved the filter container so that it starts in negative space.  Now the top portion of the container is hidden off the dashboard, and I still have an opaque blank hiding the bottom of the container.  The viewing area is now at the top of the dashboard.

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