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    Tableau Control Chart with Multiple Dimension Values


      I am on Tableau 10.5. A sample workbook is attached:


      I have one measure ([amount]), one date field ([week]), and one dimension ([organization]). The dimension has many unique values. I have created the following two calculated fields for the upper and lower bound of the control chart. Each one uses two standard deviations to identify the bound. Each one has the default table calculation: Table (Across).


      Upper Bound: WINDOW_AVG(SUM([amount])) + (WINDOW_STDEVP(SUM([amount])) * 2)

      Lower Bound: WINDOW_AVG(SUM([amount])) - (WINDOW_STDEVP(SUM([amount])) * 2)


      When I place the measure field, date field, and bounds, the control chart appears as expected:



      Now I would like to add the dimension. This presents a challenge, because the bounds are now calculated for each dimension value. This is the result:



      How do I calculate the bounds only once for all values of the dimension?