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    Top N filter that purposefully excludes/includes certain values, and groups the rest as "other"

    Ray Chase



      I have made a top N filter w/ parameters; however, I'd like to force certain values to always be included in the top N, even if they aren't actually in the top N (ie. the Machines Sub-Category in the attached workbook, which is currently only being included if I switch the parameter to "YES").  I also want to leave out certain values (even if they belong in the top N), and include them when I see fit, with an additional parameter.


      I am attaching a workbook to show what I've done thus far.  It works fairly well, except when I force the inclusion of certain fields, my list becomes longer than just the N.  Is there anyway to remake this so that the top N filter is impacted by my inclusions/exclusions?  That way, the length of my list never varies, depending on my forced inclusions/exclusions.  Basically, I want the top N to automatically add/omit enough fields to always maintain its "N" property.


      I'm happy to provide more insight if anyone has any questions.