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    FileMaker Extract

    Andrew Alcazar



      I've connected tables on my FileMaker Server to Tableau Desktop using the WebConnector. It's mainly worked fine, as I've been able to create dashboards using the tables. Though, I am confused on some of the restrictions, either I am unfamiliar with how to get the data sources to work or I am just restricted in being able to do some of the things with the data sources I usually am able to do. Items are listed below, if any one would be able to help.


      - unable to join tables from different tables in FileMaker Pro in Tableau

      - After data is updated in FileMaker DB, can't refresh data in Tableau, I have to do a full update of the data source manually.

      - Anytime I click anything on a data source or change worksheets, a popup that says creating extract is prompted which can take 30 minutes to complete (image below).

      -My datasource layout looks different, doesn't show available tables, just shows datasources.