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    Data Filter not working in default Parameter

    Nandhakumar Ramanathan

      Hi All,


      I am facing an issue can someone help me to solve this?



      Image 1:


      Image 2:



      Image 3:



      I have four workbooks with four different sources first two (1&2) are views and next two (3&4) are SPs.


      I am facing this problem


      When I select a value (UAT_AndreaLvl1) in first workbook (which Image 1) its will filter the data and jump to next workbook (Image 2) now I am selecting a value (Governing_Law_of_Loan_Agreement) in second workbook chart I will get a menu where i will select the corresponding type (Categorical) to jump to next workbook (Image 3) but this workbook is from 3rd source which an SP where it has default a parameter in SP itself. This parameter which a value (Country_of_Origination) is selected by default the value selection in second image is not working instead of filter "Governing_Law_of_Loan_Agreement" values in 3rd workbook its showing the parameter value "Country_of_Origination". Whenever I select a value in 2nd workbook that value should pass to this SP parameter and show its corresponding data in 3rd workbook.


      I am not able to find where I am doing the mistake.


      Thanks & Regards,