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    Creating a set with a condition based on a single object

    Frank Seiffert



      I have a dataset containing machines that are members of different groups:






      I also have a parameter to select one of the machines. Later I want to compare the selected machine to all machines within the same group. For example having one bar displaying the runtime of the selected machine and one bar for the average runtime of all machines within the same group. How can I create a calculated set with all machines that have the same group as the selected machine? Say I select machine 1 then the set should contain all machines in group A (1,2 and 4). When I change the selected machine and select machine 5 the set should now contain all machines in group C (5,6).


      I know I could just make a Parameter for the group as well but I want to have the set automatically change when the user changes the machine.


      Any idea how to implement this calculated set?



      Thanks in advance!