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    Moving Annual Totals

    Arnau Forne



      I need to create Moving Annual totals for each month in order to create a chart like the one shown below.

      The MAT periods show become Dimensions as later on I need to add them in a Parameter along with Months, YTD, etc


      In the database I only have months and sales and what I'm missing is to be able to create the MATs (green bit)



      I attached the excel file.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Jim Dehner



          is this what you wanted



          use the formula shown and set to Null if not enough values


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            Arnau Forne

            Hi Jim,


            It works, thanks! Veru useful!


            The next step, if possible, would be to transform this Measure into a Dimension. This way I would be able to use it as a Date dimension and add it in a Parameter along with Year, YTD, Month.


            I guess here the question is whether we can also create a Rolling 12 month as a Date dimension. Make sense?


            Many thanks!



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              Jim Dehner




              Running totals are table calculations that are at the bottom of the order of operation - converting to a dimension is not going to work


              Image result for tableau order of operations


              so what can you do - Parameters in tableau are static values -  they don't do anything in themselves - they must be included in a filter or a calculation -

              Not certain what the real goal here -   what is it you want to show in the viz - an example would be helpful


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                Arnau Forne

                Hi Jim,


                Sorry for my late reply.


                I found a solution for that.


                Step 1: Create a Calculation for Latest Date


                {FIXED: MAX([PERIODS])}


                Step 2: Calculation for MAT


                IF [MAT TEST]='MAT' THEN

                IF YEAR([PERIODS])=YEAR([Latest Date TEST]) THEN


                ELSEIF [PERIODS] <= DATEADD('year',-1,[Latest Date TEST])

                AND [PERIODS] >= DATETRUNC('year',DATEADD('year',-1,[Latest Date TEST]))

                THEN 'MAT-'+STR(YEAR([PERIODS]))

                ELSEIF [PERIODS] <= DATEADD('year',-2,[Latest Date TEST])

                AND [PERIODS] >= DATETRUNC('year',DATEADD('year',-2,[Latest Date TEST]))

                THEN 'MAT-'+STR(YEAR([PERIODS]))

                ELSE 'X'



                The only limitation I found is that this is only calculating MAT from January to July instead of providing all available months. Let me show you.



                I would like also to show from Aug’17 to Dec’17 MAT data, and even Dec’16, as my data starts at January’16.


                I guess the limitation comes from defining the Latest Date


                But I don’t know how to solve that. Can you help me with that?


                Many thanks in advance!