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    Need answers to some of the basic questions

    Sakshi Kaul
      1. Rank the US states based on ‘Revenue USD’ – we need to see the top 10. What % of the revenue do they represent?
      2. Which Auditor has the highest market share in terms of # of companies based on the attached data set
      3. What are the top three most profitable NAICS Codes by Gross Profit?
      4. List the top 5 companies by revenue according to Year Founded (Column CZ) (Use Pivot Table)
      5. Calculate the average square footage for each company using the “Square Footage” column. For example if the square foot is given as “10,000 - 19,999”, then average will be 15,000 SF. (Use text to column) Where the square is given as just a number, take it as is.
      6. Populate column “Combined Address” by combining the address in column C, E F, G & H, each separate by a “, ” – example “702 SW 8th St, Bentonville, Arkansas, Benton, United States”
      7. Fill in the “Sig Number” in column B for each company from the sheet Sig Number – use a formula to do so
      8. What is the average revenue per headcount, based on ‘Revenue USD’ for each company. Ignore companies where head count is not given. Add this as a column between ‘Sig Number’ and ‘Address’