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    Reference line - filter connection with conditional display of data

    Michał Stocki



      I am looking for solution.


      I show an hourly rate bar chart for company with different branches. For each of division there is a set different hourly rate goal line for specific year (it is not calculated but added as a fixed value in separate column).

      Showing a reference line is not a problem but what is more important when people use filter to pick up 2 or more divisions of course reference line changes to show target line goal as an average of target for both of those division which is clearly not correct (weighted average should be used - but for the time being we don't have a full data from each division). In case when 2 or more divisions are chosen we should show an average goal line for whole company so calculated field is needed, which according to number of chosen division in filter would show: division target if chosen one or company target (different column) if chosen more then one. How should i create everything to make it possible to display it in that way?  


      Dashboard looks more less like that:


      red line is a yearly hourly rate in division based on monthly bases data. Grey line is a target line - which I try to correct.