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    Dual Axis Bar Chart



      I am working on a data set involving surveys. The survey status is either complete or incomplete. I need to create a dual axis bar chart that shows a segregated (complete and incomplete survey) bar chart on the left y axis while completed survey total on right y axis. When I try to make the visualization it turns into a scatter plot  instead.My workbook is attached to this post.


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          meenu choudhary

          Hello Sarah,


          Please upload a twbx file.

          In order to display two measures , you can try below approach.


          Arrange the values as shown below:





          In the filter "Measure Name". Just select the measures that you want to display:


          IN my case, i have select "sales" and "profit"


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            Sometimes when you add the 2nd measure, Tableau for some reason changes the view to a scatterplot.


            I would suggest using the marks card to change the type of chart to bar for each measure within the marks card (aka not the all value).


            dual axis.jpg

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