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    How to apply dashboard filters to Line chart

    Divya Sharma

      Hi Experts,

      I need your help urgently.

      I have created a dashboard which has three sheets. Each sheet has the same filter, called 'Segment' but for each sheet filter values are different

      For Sheet 1, filter value is fixed and user cannot change the value of this filter.

      For Sheet 2 and Sheet 3, User will always select different values from the filter.

      Here is the screenshot of dashboard.


      I have a Line graph which should be linked to the above dashboard. This line graph should have three lines showing three different filtered values in the sheets from dashboard.

      To achieve this i have created a Dashboard Action filter .

      Issue :

      The action filter is not passing all the three values to the Line graph. If user click on Sheet 1 then Value of sheet 1 is being passed to the line graph.If user click on Sheet 2 then Value of sheet 2 is being passed to the line graph.

      i need to pass all the values to the Line chart so that, we can see three different Lines there.

      Workbook attached.