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    Automatic scheduling in tableau

    ajay Mehta

      Hi Tableau user,

      I am facing an issue related to scheduling any help will be most welcomed.



      I need to refresh my dashboard only when database got refreshed and database refresh time isn't fixed.database can be refresh anytime ,like someday 5:00 am or 6 am or any other but not common timing.




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          Alex Braun

          If you were to create a batch file with TABCMD you could trigger it to do this manually.


          There are a couple of ways to do this.


          The first is to trigger your database update within the batch file as well and once it updates, then you can trigger the tabcmd to refresh the updates (syntax in link below)


          The second is to create a query that will only trigger when the data has been recently updated.  This is useful if your table column has a last updated column that you can check and make sure that the datediff between that and now is less than say 1 hour and then run the same tabcmd to push a refresh.


          This can also be done with something like pentaho community edition as well.


          tabcmd Commands