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    Backgrounder is always Busy on all worker nodes

    Namrata Patil

      Hi All,


      Currently we have upgraded Test server from 10.5 to 2018.1.2. Since then the backgrounder process is running low and therefore high impact on the server performance.

      Lately the performance is degrading on both the servers [test and production server].


      Just a server installation background:

      We have deployed Tableau servers on Test and Production environment. Test server is on 2018.1.2 and Production server is on 10.3 version.

      Each server is of 1 Primary node and 2 worker nodes. Wherein 1 worker node is dedicated to backgrounder installed on physical machine.


      Some findings,

      - the backgrounder is always Busy on tableau server status monitor.

      - whenever executes "tabadmin status -v" on worker node of backgrounder then gets a message : "Connection error contacting worker 1 and worker 2.

      - on worker node of backgrounder process machine, in task manager, no backgrounder is executed. And even CPU utilization does not exceeds 51% mostly.


      [Have attach the snapshot of tableau server status tab monitor and the tabadmin status error message].


      Please help with it. As lately all the backgrounder processes are busy and therefore extract refresh are getting impact severely along with overall server performance.



      Thank you.