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    report refresh issue

    Roshan Bisnath

      Tableau Desktop 10.2

      Hello Team,


      I would like


      Since 17hr20 , I’ve been refreshing a ticket report  every 10-15 mins and only at 20h37 noted a ticket logged at 13h21 !


      It is very much beyond our delay in attending ticket .


      Kindly advise where the issue could be from and which logfiles should I analyze?





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          Hello Roshan,


          Can you clairfy what is occurring when you say "only at 20h37 noted a ticket logged at 13h21 " ? What exactly is not working as expected? Is there an error occurring?


          As for log locations. I would review the Tableau Server Product Help on Server Log Locations linked below.


          + Server Log File Locations


          The "backgrounder" folder is where information on extracts can be found.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick