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    How to add calculated ROW?

    Sudip Mondal



      I want to add one calculated row by deducting two rows as per the attached screenshot and the details are as follows :




      Detail requirement:

      1. I have the summary table which is the first table and I want to second table based on row level deduction

      2.First and last row value will be constant however the name (START/END) will change and rest of the name will be same in future data

      3. All the values are cumulative as per the sequence

      4. I have done almost all the calculation other that "Mod Overlay" calculation which would be Sequesnce6-sequence5


      I have used if function to fixed the first and last row and doing deduction based on the previous value(used lookup function), however as I have fixed the first and last row so, "Mod Overlay" is not calculation.


      I have attached a sample data for your reference, please help me to resolve this issue.




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          Jeevan Krishna

          Hi Sudip,


          If you have multiple cases of such data i.e you do this kind of analysis for various vendors/suppliers etc.. you can transform your data as to have those variables in table1 as columns instead of rows. This will make your overall calculations simple as tableau does everything in a columnar fashion.


          There is also another solution using table calculations, you can see below.


          I have used the your example data



          Once you add this to the text box , change the following option to 'Table(Down)'


          And this will be the result



          Hope this helps.

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            Sudip Mondal

            Hi Jeevan,


            Thanks for your quick response.

            I have already done the above process and getting the details which you have shown in last screenshot.


            However, the challenges I am facing is I need one more calculated field i.e. Mod-Impact which is sumOfSequence6 - SumOfSequect5.


            Please check the second table in the screenshot I shared(Row-18). I need one more calculated row added between "ALL-MACRO" and "END".


            Let me know if you find any solution to that.




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              Sudip Mondal

              Can Someone help me on this? or is this a Tableau limitation?

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                Gheorghie Lang

                Your problem derives from how your data is structured so I'd suggest a pivot. As a rule of thumb a month should never be a field, it causes problems like the one you are currently experiencing.