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    Divya Sharma

      Hi All,

      I am trying to pass filtered values from Dashboard to a Line graph. But not able to pass all the filtered values from all the sheets included in the Dashboard.

      Attached a workbook that replicates my problem using Superstore datasource.

      Want to include 3 lines in the Line graph, which will represent each segment from each sheet in the dashboard.



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          meenu choudhary

          HI Divya,


          This can be achieved by using "Apply to worksheet" option.





          In your attached sample the values are getting reflected after this filter ,but since a segment value can't be "Corporate" and "consumer" in the same row that's why no records are displayed on the sheet.


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            Divya Sharma

            Hi Meenu,

            Thanks for your reply.

            In my case I have duplicated the 'Segment' dimension twice, so that I can have three different dimensions : Segment , Comparator Segment1 , Comparator Segment2.

            The Sales for each dimension is shown in three different sheets. Now In the Line graph, I want  to display these three dimensions.

            I need to have three different dimensions, not three dimension values.


            Please advise.