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    how to make a search box without parameter and calculated field

    meisam nabavi

      hi all

      I am almost new in tableau and wanna make a search box in dashboard. I could successfully do it in the following steps:


      1. create a string parameter

      2. create a calculated field with "IF" and "CONTAINS" function to check the parameter in each row

      3. set the calculated field as filter and only return the true results


      It works and returns the right results.

      But the problem arise when I have millions of records to search in them. it gets too slow in this situation and the impatient managers can not wait 10-15 seconds. they want the response in 2-5 seconds.


      I wonder if I can force the search box to filter directly on the column without the inference of "parameter" and "calculated field" (it seems not efficient to calculate a formula for all rows and then filter them based on this new column)


      1. I have live connection to Data Base

      2. There are about 10 million of records