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    Need Help w/ Gantt Chart - No end date, milestones, continuous line

    Tyler Gibbons

      Hi there,

      This be a complicated request but I could really use some help here. I am creating a gantt chart to show project statuses. Few things to note how this sheet is setup(fairly simple).

      Screenshot 2018-09-30 23.05.31.png

      There are 4 key dates I'd like to show on one row in tableau.

      1) Ideation Date

      2) Project Start Date

      3) Status Date

      4) Completed Date


      This is what I currently have setup - gantt chart is working for projects where the is a start and end date in there.

      Screenshot 2018-09-30 23.07.39.png


      but what I want is for the projects that are still in the process to continue up until either 1) an end date is entered or 2) Today(since the project is still going).

      And then Ideally, i'd love to have it have 2 other enhancements 1) the gantt chart actually starts at ideation date(so when the project was conceived and 2) a symbol on the "status date" .


      So it would look something like this (roughly)

      Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 11.26.11 PM.png

      Grey would be from "Ideation Date"

      Red would kick-in as soon as "Project Start Date" is populated

      If project is completed, the red line would stop at "Completed Date". If not, the line would continue to "today"

      And then if there is a status date, it would put a symbol on that date.



      Would anyone graciously be able to help me with this? I am attached the base workbook(only 3 lines) and then what i had so far in tableau..


      THANK YOU!