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    LOD Bar Chart Grouping

    Carl Curtis

      Hello Tableau Experts,


      I’m working on converting some visualizations from Qlik Sense to Tableau and would appreciate your help in determining if it’s possible to create the same/similar bar charts. I have a hierarchy where providers belong to divisions and divisions are assigned to departments. Departments > Divisions > Providers. I need to build a bar chart that shows metrics for individual providers compared to their divisions and their department. In Qlik Sense it looks like this where red is the department, gold is the division and blue are the providers:


      If I choose multiple divisions (middle element of hierarchy) it looks like this:



      The department, division and provider names are listed at the bottom but this is healthcare data so I’m unable to share with you.


      Using LOD, I’ve been able to generate the number for the departments, divisions and providers. The problem I have is to be able to recreate the above chart(s) where the departments and divisions display only once. My Tableau vizs look like this where orange is department, red is division and green is provider:



      I need to flatten this out and show each department and division only once similar to the above charts made in Qlik Sense.


      Appreciate any help or insight you can offer.