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    How to get year on year (YoY) in tooltip

    Viv Chen

      Hi All,


      In my data source, I have 2 years worth of data (last 24 months), however I only want to display the last 12 months data in my text chart. And for each month, when I hover over each cell, I would like the tooltip to display the current month's # of customers, as well as this time last year's # of customers. For example, when I hover over August 2018, I would like to see # of customers for both August 2018 and August 2017.


      As you can see in the image below, i have the # of customers per month per group, with the current or latest month being Aug 18. I would like to be able to hover over each cell and be able to see the # customers at the same time in previous year.


      Would really appreciate any help with this! Thanks in advance!