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    QuickBooks QBO Connector: How to Join Bill Payment to Bill

    Keith Helfrich

      Hello QBO Tableau Community, and Sean Li,


      In the QuickBooks Online Connector, which dimensions are used to accurately join the two tables Bill and Bill Payment ?


      As far as I can tell, there is no linking field in Bill Payment that can uniquely identify the Bill for which the payment was made.



      Hi Drew Loika,


      May I suggest improvements to the community forum, to make it easier for those of us who are interested in the QBO connector to find each other, collaborate, and share information?


      For example: I'll suggest to  create a Forums Subspace specifically for those who are working with QBO.  If not a subspace, then a QBO category will be helpful.


      Please confirm.



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          Amanda Boyle

          Hi Keith Helfrich - Thank you for the feedback and suggestions! Drew Loika reached out to me on this on another thread and I wanted to close the loop and share my thoughts on this with you and the community here.


          If we are looking to create a subspace we have to look at a handful of factors – namely who within our organization will own the space. Our forum team administers and manages the forums – but we have to rely on the PMs for specific areas to support content and answer questions. A good example of this is the Tableau Prep space. That is almost entirely managed by the Prep team (beyond setup, permissions, spam management, etc that we take care of). We are a small but nimble team of 4 people and there is too much content for us to be experts in all areas - though we do try We are not against creating the space -- but will need to do some more research to determine if it is in fact needed.

          Also, we do not create categories for all of our connectors as there are so many. We are not opposed to it, and always looking for ways to improve the functionality in the forums. We are going to look into you how many people are actively using the QBO connector and others to see where there may be a need we are missing. I'll circle back on this thread when we know more.


          I am tagging Patrick Van Der Hyde and Patrick Byrne for visibility.


          Thank you for your suggestions! Keep them coming - we want this forum to serve your needs!

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            Keith Helfrich

            Hi Amanda,


            Thank you for your helpful reply.  Yes I can imagine it is necessary to balance your small team's capacity when you decide which new Forum Subspaces to create.  Please let me know if you decide to carve one out for the QuickBooks Online connector.  Right now it would seem that the answer is no, from the capacity perspective creating a separate subspace for each connector is not justified.


            From a customer demand perspective however, please allow for me to paint the optimistic and alternative vision of a new future when yes a separate forum subspace for every connector is the reality!  Very similar to your "brain dates" at this year's TC18 conference, which I found to be successful because I was able to create a "brain date" and meet up with others with a shared interest in the QBO connector, I see it as Tableau's explicit role here to facilitate as much as possible the coming together of individuals in the community around their shared interests.  And in that regard I see it as Tableau's role, largely, to enable this coming together as much as possible by making the connections possible and then allowing for the community members to help each other.


            Just for FYI - with some more digging I've identified the join conditions that I needed to bring these two tables together.  So this original question I've answered on my own now.  Here's what I found: there's a bridge table used to join the Bills table together with Bill Payments.  One should be careful of the granularity, though.  Depending on your business scenarios, this could be a many-to-many relationship where one bill has many payments and one payment cancels many bills.  And, in that case, LOD calcs are req'd to avoid unwanted duplication of your measures from either side.


            Bill + Bill Payments.jpg