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    Histogram trouble!

    Zohar Gilboa

      I feel like a dummy. I have a collection of phone calls at our call center and the call lengths. I'm trying to create a histogram of them (easy) and add reference lines at different percentiles (seemingly impossible). I looked at some other posts people asked about and couldn't implement the solution in my workbook. I tried to put the call length field as continuous and add an average reference line, but it's not weighted. I tried to create another variable that is weighted ( sum[length]/count[calls] ) but when I dragged it to the view it changed the value somehow and ended up being five times the actual average. And I don't only want an average, I need different percentiles, but they're always based on the actual values (i.e. if calls are 1-100, 20th percentile is always 20, regardless of number of calls).