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    How to display data in a worksheet to look like the tooltips

    Elizabeth Bentley

      Hi. Weird question (i guess, since i can't seem to find an answer anywhere)...

      I'm trying to create a Provider Dashboard for the healthcare org i work for. I want it to have functionality I saw on a webinar in the healthcare series, specifically in this screenshot:


      dashboard.jpgIn the lower left corner, under the text table portion of the page is a container called "patient details". Then a similar one next to it "patient stats", next to that "patient scorecard". The scorecard is doable. And i know this next part relates to dashboards and maybe belongs in another forum but my problem is that I have all of the data, but no matter how i try to format it on my worksheet, i can't get it to look anything like what it does here. If i bring the fields to rows, I get the data but no "headings" like these...                         Name:



                                           Etc. ) i just get this:




      23 hill dr


      If i bring them to columns, I get, well, columns:

      (Name     Age      Address     etc.

      sdf          13        ;SDLFJ        you see? )


      Now to the dashboard part- the three bottom containers are activated by dashboard filter actions. Click on a name in the text table, that person's information pops up beneath the table. Click off, those containers are blank. So i have no need for the "columns" layout, because only one person will ever be displayed below. I need it in the format shown here. I tried dynamic captions, which work beautifully except for they don't disappear when you click off the person's name. Only the data INSIDE the viz does that, so the caption just stays there. I can't attach a workbook right now, but am hoping someone out there is able to understand what i am trying to do anyway. If not, i'll try to upload a dummy workbook later.



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