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    Grand Total Display in 2 dimension Waterfall chart


      Hi All,


      I have created a waterfall chart by month and segment.


      sheet 1:

      This is a waterfall model which is the running total for every month . I also have % of sales from Previous month across each segment in tool tip.


      Sheet 2:

      % of sales for every month along with row grand total.


      I wanted to show sheet 2 in terms of waterfall model , how ever I am not able to show row level grand total in sheet 1. Is there a way to show grand total % of sales like sheet 2 in sheet 1?


      I am basically wanting to show the performance of segment over time.  Is there any other better way to show this?

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Chits -


          Sheet 2 is showing the percent difference to the previous month.  For instance - January of 2017 for Consumer is 23212 and February is 5589 so the value of -.7592 is a percent difference to the previous value of that row.   That's not the same as percent of sales for every month as you indicate so I am not sure what is wanted here.  Should that value be a percent of total sales for the month for each Segment? 


          When creating example workbooks, please try to show as many details as possible so for sheet two - just putting sum(sales) on the view helps a bit but also showing LOOKUP(SUM([Sales]),-1)  helps so that someone looking to assist can see you all of the values right there in the cross tab.


          To get back to the original intent of sheet 2 - please let us know what value is desired for the performance over time?  Is it performance to the previous month?   performance to the previous year?  Percent of total for the year?   some sort of comparison to the other segments?