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    Combining similar but different dimensions on x axis?

    Peter Marbaugh

      I’m working on making a visualization for my company that shows the amounts of money that each department owes other departments. My data essentially has 2 department fields, made up of the exact same values. One of these fields represents what department the money is coming from, and the other represents what department the money is supposed to go to.


      Is it possible for me to combine these two dimensions on the x axis of a bar chart so that I can get the net position of how much each department either owes or is owed in relation to other departments?


      This data is highly confidential so I’m worried I can’t share it. But essentially I want to combine two separate dimensions into one, where one of them will make up positive values and the other will be negative values. Both of these dimensions have the exact same categories.


      Thanks for your help!