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    Getting data "justso" when certain data files are in different languages (TableauDesktop 2018.2.0)


      Hi all,


      New to the software and like many others I am using Steve Wexler's methods for cleaning and shaping my survey data, specifically his instructions for how to do so with Tableau10 (working on getting TableauPrep downloaded on my work computer in the meantime).


      I'm lucky that my data files come in the formats he uses, one with text values, one with number values (1s and 0s), with me creating the helper file. I've been able to execute the pivots and joins successfully, but have reached a new obstacle I wasn't prepared for.


      The survey I am analyzing was fielded in 25 different countries, with each country's results arriving in its own separate excel file with two tabs for text values and number values. I was already a bit confused on how to go about copy/pasting the other countries' data into my original sheet, but I'm now concerned about translatations. I was using our US survey when I was trying out steve's methods, but as I started to look at other survey data files I realized that the text results arrive in their native language -- which I worry will complicate joining this data to my US data source so I can compare them.


      My questions are two fold:


      1) How do I update my data source after using Steve's methods of extractions


      2) Is there a way to update my data source and compare the new data with the old data if the text values of one are in a different language??