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    Values disappear from Joined Field

    Baker Lee

      Tableau Version 2018.2




      When joining two data sources, a FULL JOIN should include data from both sources whether it was matched or not. However, I keep experiencing missing data from one of the two sources (always from the field that the join is based on).


      The first screenshot shows the join.


      As you can see in the second screenshot, the "Site Number" is coming up as null for values that are not in the other data source (characteristic of a left or right join). All site number values are in the data source that contains the adjacent Name field in the crosstab.


      1. Is this possibly because I am using data interpreter/found table (data starts on row 3 in excel file)?

      2. Could this be somehow caused by the join calculation? I have to use int(site number) because the numbers are stored as text in one of the data sources ("003", "012", etc.)




      Thanks so much to anyone who could help!!