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    Tableau Server Refresh from OData Source

    Ken Flerlage

      Having a bit of trouble with OData and Tableau Server 10.4.2. I'm working with an OData connection to a hosted system.


      When I pull the data into Tableau Desktop, the data imports okay (I have 200 records, which is what I expect) and I'm able to create an extract without any issues.


      I then publish to Tableau Server and, at that point, the data source looks good. Again, I have 200 records and the data looks accurate.


      But, then I try to refresh the extract on Tableau server (either manually or automated). When I do that, Tableau Server reports that the extract refreshed successfully (the "Background Tasks for Extracts" server status view shows success and reports Finished refresh of extracts (new extract id:{<GUID HERE>} for Data Source '<Data Source Name>', but when I connect to the data source either from Desktop or from Tableau Server web editor, it shows just a single record. In this record, the text fields are all blank, the numbers are all zeros, and the booleans are all True. It's basically just a junk record.


      I should note that I did publish the data source with embedded credentials. I also considered that there could be a firewall blocking the connection, but I'd expect that it would simply fail, reporting that it could not connect to the source, rather than reporting success.


      I intend to open a support case with Tableau, but I'm just wondering if anyone has seen similar issues with OData.


      Thanks all!!