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    Best Viz for Non-Data Dashboard

    Teresa Wright

      I am a Tableau 10.5 desktop user working on a visualization to illustrate a matrix based on core values/mission/strategies.  My data does not have measures and I need labels.  Sunburst was not a good choice because labels would not fit.  Sandkey might be an option, but I'm afraid it would be too complex for my users to understand (plus the labels issue).  Anything I've tried ends up looking like "spaghetti" due to the many:many relationships.


      Does anyone have any ideas on a format I might try?  I am enclosing some screen shots and copy of the data. 




      screen shot.jpg



      screen shot 2.jpg

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          Thomas Rones

          Should this be a static view or is it meant for interactivity?


          I had one idea, which was to have the related items highlighted when you select a team/core/value/MissionVision/Key Strategies but couldn't get the highlighter to work properly.


          If it were embedded in a web page, then you might be able to get it to work. (Or just use a tool other than Tableau)

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            Teresa Wright

            Hi Tom.  Thanks for replying to my post.  I anticipate this viz would be static and updated on an annual basis.  I too thought of a Starbust format, but I did not think I would have room for labels, which I would need for those who may view in PDF.


            I will investigate further.  You may be right -- this may not be a project for Tableau after all.  I read that in Excel 2016, Starburst will be a standard chart type and it looks as if the labels will curve to fit into a segment.