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    Not able to do an outer Tableau join of two custom SQL queries to Oracle

    Alexandros Melemenidis

      Dear all,


      I am trying to combine monthly and quarterly data from two Oracle tables (views, actually) from the same schema. My idea was to have two custom SQL queries and link them in Tableau with an outer join in one data connection.

      The data retrieval works, but it seems my join is ignored, as the duplicate columns also show up separately.

      For example, even though I define that the column REF_AREA in one table corresponds to the equally named column in the other table, I end up with two columns, one called REF_AREA and one REF_AREA (Custom SQL Query1). Can you help me to figure out what is going wrong?


      I am using Tableau 10.3.3


      Many thanks in advance!

      Best regards,