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    Some Brainstorming and Filtering/Aggregation Assistance?

    Gui Parent

      Hi tableau comm!


      You guys are super awesome, so I figured this is a great place to pose my query.


      I'm attempting to restructure this "database" that my purchasing department currently utilizes - it's about 485,000 rows within an Excel file of all possible freight (truck and rail) rates for different products, from vendor to customer.  This takes almost five minutes to open, and about forty-five seconds to filter any column... so yeah, I'm wanting to steer them AWAY from ancient tech.  I've to date taken all the appropriate list files of data, joined and cleaned them within Prep, and have a flow created for tableau.


      My concerns lie within the simple fact that they love tables, filters, dialing in to a few rows of numbers.  They filter like five different columns.

      I would LOVE to shape a simple dashboard so they can hone in on specific vendor freight pricing for products to various customers, or vice versa- various vendor's pricing to one specific customer. 

      I could make simple sets or parameters for Vendors, Customers, and Products...but there are multiple vendors within one city, and then also multiple vendor locations- same name, different cities (at least the customers are more individualistic.)  It will indeed become quite confusing in a short matter of time, and thinking of LOD expressions for it is hurting my brain.


      Would filters, atop of a different filter, inside and outside of a filter, parameter, set, etc., the best way to approach something like this?  Renaming all the vendors to where the city location is included, and making them unique values?  I was trying to avoid editing the entire vendor list (ex: company is "Sugar Mountain," not "Sugar Mountain - Lafayette, CO.")  Do I make a Top N set for least expensive freight options, instead of them filtering x, y, and z, until there's like two lines remaining?  That seems excessive.


      Not many examples of a table-type dashboard out there, since tableau is primarily used to demonstrate data within graphics and colour.  I concur that a pretty dashboard is awesome and most desirable, but I need to make something that they're going to use immediately.

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          Robert Janezic

          Hello Gui,


          So I'll give a few suggestions and you can let me know whether or not they helped!


          So you mentioned them only wanting a few rows of data. How about you do something like the below blog, where selecting on an aggregated point will take them to a higher level of detail.



          In regards to the (ex: company is "Sugar Mountain," not "Sugar Mountain - Lafayette, CO."). I would suggest using the CONTAINS function or using regular expressions to dynamically group strings together.

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            Gui Parent

            Hey Robert!


                 I'm reading the dashboard actions web page now for ideas.


                 As far as the vendor naming, they're correctly named like the example "Sugar Mountain," and then it has multiple cities connected to it.  One in Lafayette, another in Denver, etc, so it muddles the data, aggregates it all together.  If I renamed it "Sugar Mountain - Lafayette," it would make the location name unique, but a major pain in the ****.  I could just leave the city location at the beginning, and it'd show one vendor name, but from multiple cities?


                 They're so accustomed to filtering four or five different columns, then doing least to most expensive in price, looking a freight rates for certain products.  I thought perhaps a Top N situation (or Bottom N, in this instance,) could help.  I appreciate the ideas!!

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              Robert Janezic

              So maybe you could Create Hierarchies and let the users have the ability to change the level of detail. This way they can see it at the vendor level or the vendor and city level.


              In regards to the filtering four or five different columns, I don't really see that as a problem. But would you could do is tweak your tables a little bit so that you can get extra insight out of them. Here's a great blog that could help you, https://www.ryansleeper.com/3-ways-make-handsome-highlight-tables-tableau/ . Let me know if this helps!

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                Gui Parent

                I've just started placing the vendor and city names inside the table.  looks like it breaks this down, in the event they go scroll happy down the list.


                i don't like it, but they might.


                i could use a highlight table to show the least-to-most expensive shipping options.


                dashboard actions could filter the product list based on what the vendor offers, and vice versa, I'm assuming, and then reset them.


                really not much more I can do, since it's simply a list database, without any time, order dates, etc.


                Whenever they decide to throw that in there, then it'll be interesante.