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    Combine two dates in one Table

    Ouns RHAIMI

      Hello Tableau community,


      I have a diffulty when creating a Table in Tableau Desktop.

      I need to visualuze in one Table number of request received and number of request closed by week.

      So if i take as time axis receptionDate , I will have :

      -number of request received

      -number of request closed which are received in that week.


      If i take as time axis closingDate, Il will have:

      -number of request received whcih are closed in that week.

      -number of request closed;


      My object is to have in one table:

      -total request received by week

      -total request closed by week


      I thought about parameter but it does not satisfy my need because i should visualize my data for the last 4 weeks ( sliding date).


      This is what I should create with Tableau:



      Thank you for your help.

      Best regards,