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    Rolling 3 Months -- Doesn't Account for # of responses

    Janet May

      Hi all,


      I am working with customer satisfaction data, which is surveyed on a daily basis (some days we get more responses, other days we get less). I need to create a moving average score for the last 3 months.


      I know I can do this using the table calculation function - however, when I look at my aggregate scores for the last 3 months - the numbers are slightly different. I know this is because of the way it is being calculated (the moving average score is using the average month to month, whereas the aggregate is taking into account ALL responses (i.e. when you hover over a column in excel and it averages that.

      I need help on how to make it so that the moving average isn't calculated based on an average (i.e. average month score), but rather the average score of the total number of responses within those three months?