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    How to determine Dynamic Hierarchy based on selection of filter/parameter  value  in tableau report




      Could someone please help me with the below requirement..


      Requirement : I want create a hierarchy in tableau report in such a way that where if manger selects the manger code in the report then he should be able to drill down till the last level under him. We have manager level hierarchy from 1 - 20 level in our table. For Example if the manger selects the code in filter/parameter in tableau.

      ex 1. Suppose if the manger is at level 18 then he should be able to go through the below levels under him( i.e. 19 and 20 hierarchies which are below him) in the report,

      ex 2.  if  manger selects manger code at level 11 then report should start displaying the details of employees under him starting from hierarchy 12 -- 20.

      This is some what dynamic selection of hierarchy levels based on managers code selected. For each manger selection tableau report should pick dynamically the employees/mangers under him.






      Raghu L