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    Can you build an aggregate calculation into a Tableau data source?

    Joshua Manning

      Let's say I have a dataset of car collectors:



      I know how to build an aggregate calculation in a workbook for PercentRedCars: SUM([RedCars])/SUM([TotalCars])


      What I'm wondering is if I can build PercentRedCars directly into a .hyper file saved on a network drive, or alternatively publish a data source with PercentRedCars as a data source on Tableau Server, so that if someone wanted to create a new workbook using my car collector data, they'd already have that measure built in simply by connecting to that datasource


      Right now I only have Tableau Desktop, but my organization may be moving towards getting Tableau Server, but understanding whether this is a capability of any Tableau products will make a lot of difference in how viable it is for our use.